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How's this affect organic pastures since, I mean, they don't cross the state line, but do they sell just in California or do they cross state lines?


They can pass across the state line if they freeze it.


So, right now, is this law going to affect them in California?


No, it's only going across state line.

But I don't like Organic Pastures.


Is it because they are nutritionally deficient?


They have to keep their coliform count down to 10. The only way to do that is to use heavy chlorine in the tanks and not rinse them completely.

That's why you've got that funny taste in it.

And plus, he's a greedy man, Mark McAfee, he cuts the cream off and sells extra cream and leaves the milk skimmed, so it's not really, and he's got whole milk on there. It's not whole.

[Attendee #2]

I think he's the only one who has a big one.


Yeah. We've got another dairy here, Claravale, but they're not grass fed. Those cows never see grass and they're hay fed, and plus their commercial organic feed fed.

They got on me about a year ago. They said, "You've gotta stop badmouthing our milk". I said, "I don't badmouth your milk. I just say, you use a commercial non-organic brand of feed for this cow when you milk them".

"Oh no, we don't". I said, "Well, send me the label. The last time I got your labels, it was just a regular old dairy feed commercial brand. Send me your labels". They never sent me their labels, so I knew that they lying.


What's gonna happen if you drink that milk? If you drink it are you gonna get sick?


No. You just won't be as healthy. That's why I have our milk from our cows in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and other places.


My health has definitely since I started drinking the Pennsylvania milk, instead of the Organic Pastures.


And you understand why you can't have the contract with a farmer. You've gotta legally support him. That's why I can't let you make that contract through Right To Choose Healthy Foods with that farmer, with Eli King.



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