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It's like calling all of these eggs organic, organic, organic. These eggs aren't organic, 75% - 80% of the feed is soy and even though it was raised organically, you can't feed raw soy to a chicken.

It has to be heat processed and chemically treated. Once you do that, the soy that you're feeding the chicken is no longer organic, nor is it anywhere natural. It's all a life., it's an absolute fraud.


Where do you get eggs then?


I get Lilies eggs and they raise out on the land eating bugs and stuff like that, and she feeds them very little soy.


So, what should I ask for when I'm on the East coast when I'm looking for eggs?


Well, just try to find chickens that have been running out on pasture.

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[Question about the eggs at Rawsome that were regular garbage eggs labeled as organic sold to the food club]


The results were decreased tremendously. In fact, they were getting sicker. Some of the cancer clients that were eating it progressed rapidly into more cancer and the literature out there on the internet, if you wanna look up soy is tremendous.

The amount of laboratory animals that get cancer by eating isoflavones. Cause it's high in isoflavones, especially when they're isolated and treated like that. Cause a human has to have it treated too and cleaned with chemicals cuz it would kill us if we, ate it raw. So, the same way we treat the chickens is the same way they treat them for us.

The isoflavones are very isolated and they're free radical basically and all animals that are fed, the cancer rate increases like 36%. It's an astounding amount.

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