Only Skin Bound Things Are Contagious

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The only things that are really contagious are things that live on the skin or the tissue that the tissue is feeding on. Like yeasts. If I had sex with a girl that had yeasts, and I have lots of cellular toxicity that is sugar bound, I'm going to have a yeast there eating it helping me detoxify. 

Crabs are contagious. They live on the skin. Anything- salmonella is contagious that lives on the skin, not internal salmonella. There are 2300 varieties of salmonella and most of them internally, but the way we used to shower in the old days, when we didn't take baths every day, we had all these little salmonella that went around eating up all the dead cells on the body, and there are about a hundred varieties that do that. So, when your pet lizard, your dog or cat has salmonella running around on it, that's the way nature always functions. Doesn't go around bathing, all these little creatures go around and taking care of them. 

It's a symbiotic relationship, to eat up the dead cells on the skin. 


Don't you have to get the tapeworms some way, from something you eat or? 


What did I just say, I said that each cell contains all of the eggs for any worm, any parasite that existed that eats on human flesh. Plus, every bacteria, it's a natural innate part in a part of every cell. 





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