Onions and Garlic To Increase Blood Pressure


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To increase his blood pressure? Onions or garlic or both, and it just takes a little bit.


Onion and garlic?




Together or seperately?


You can have them together or separately, but it doesn't take a lot. In fact, having too much can create the opposite effect, can lower it. Most people take garlic and onion to lower blood pressure when they eat a lot of, but it raises it when you have a little in certain people.

Like me, if I have a garlic, even a little sliver, I will be horny for days. It just drives me crazy. It just raises my blood pressure, raises hormone levels and everything. So, it depends upon the individual and people who naturally have low blood pressure, that's the way it works. It works the opposite. It works to raise it, instead of lowering.

It depends upon the person, start off with a sliver. What I usually do is I'll take a little garlic clove, one out the whole bunch and I'll peel it and then, or curl it and then take a very thin, like a 32nd to a 16th of an inch slice out of the center, and then I'll blend that with a whole cup of butter to make garlic butter, and that is enough to get me going.

So, it depends upon the individual. You could start off with a little amount and raise it if he needs. Well, it's just when his blood pressures up for him.

I'm just saying, for me, it raises my blood pressure so high, it also starts the sexual thinking and that's just a small amount. So, I mean, it used to work, but I was very ill. I could eat that much and it wouldn't do that, it would raise my blood pressure, but not cause hormones to produce or anything like that. So, he is not a well individual, so he may just need that much to get his blood pressure up without exceeding the other function.

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