Omega 3 vs 6 Is Bullshit






I get eczema, I get a rash, I get a skin rash and through research and some muscle testing, I conclude that I don't do well with vegetable. Particularly omega-3, I believe it's enzyme deficiency. I avoid them. I do really well with like salmon oil, animal fats.


That whole omega-3 omega six thing is just a contorted concept.

You don't need many omega 3s or mega 6s if you're eating raw fat. And you don't know whether it's 6s or 3s that you need. There are theories out there, but they don't hold up in actual practice with people.

Theoretically, the omega-3 is what they need, but yet it makes them very toxic and sick.

So, Udo Erasmus doesn't have it down, Price doesn't have it down. Nobody has it down because they're always trying to take something apart and concentrate it and throw things more out of balance.

I do that with butter and cream, but it's still a whole product and it's a product for the human body.

The vegetable oil is not part of the human being's diet. Not built to digest it. We don't have the body.

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