Olive Oil Swishing


oil pulling




Today I had read about an olive oil cleanse for the teeth, and I wonder if you know about that. You take a tablespoon of olive oil and you swish it around for three minutes and spit it out. Do you know anything about that? Or how do you feel about it?


It works. I mean, any kind of fat, it isn't just olive oil.

It's any fat, you swish it around in your mouth, the gums. Remember the gums are the major detoxifiers for the brain, the gum, the tongue and the salivary glands. So, you've got that oil in there, it's all in the mechanism already. When you have that fat swishing around, it's going to dump. It's like when a baby suckles the teet or a nipple on a bottle, heavy toxins come from the brain into the mouth and go down there with the milk to detoxify it, but that's a tremendous mineral loss for the baby, but yet it's protecting the baby's brain.

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