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olive oil




coconut oil



You think you can use olive oil?


Yeah, you can use olive oil, but it's still, you have to understand olive oil is a very acidic compound and when you eat, it will kind of like burn when it's that old, kind of like burns. Well, when it's soaked in the meat, burns even more. It's like cod liver oil, you know how potent and burns that is?

It was like that, but I didn't eat the olive oil. Except as it was on the meat and I took the meat and scraped off a bit of it, but I ate the meat. It had the peanut oil and it had the olive oil in it, but it didn't stink. I mean, didn't stink badly.


Does coconut oil work?


Coconut oil ferments, doesn't work the same.


And that was that room temperature.


Room temperature, yep. In the cupboard.


So, you're saying you can't get the peanut oil, so is there any other alternative oil that you suggest?


Just the olive oil is it, but there was a scientist that...

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