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What are your observations on the difference between fresh milk and old milk?


Just remember that old milk is always better because just like in the high meat and all of that, it's breaking down. Doesn't taste as nice and as fresh and as delicious, unless you put honey in it as soon as you get it home.

My milk, most of the time, I put my honey in as soon as I get home. Because I drink a half gallon or a little bit more than half gallon a day in the summertime when it's hot cuz I don't drink water and I'll take about 16 ounce glass canning jar. I'll put about 12 ounces or 10 ounces of milk in it and about six ounces of honey in that. And then I blend that, and then pour a little bit into all of my half gallons. I'll have about six to eight half gallons of milk. So, I put a little bit in each one, of course, I pour out a little of every one and then pour that into it. And then it stays sweet even if it goes off and the bacteria is growing in it.


Do you put it in the refrigerator?


Yes, I do put it in the refrigerator. However, a day or two before I'm going to drink it. I put it in a dark cupboard out of the refrigerator because I like to have kefir.

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I'm sorry. You put it in the refrigerator right after you put the honey in it?


Let me start it over again. I take the milk home, I take a little out of each container, I put it in a jar, I blend about two tablespoons of honey per quart of milk. Two tablespoons of honey per quart. So, that's four tablespoons of honey per half gallon. So, I pour that much into each half gallon. I put it in the refrigerator. I put some in the cupboard immediately and I have some left from the day before, because I like my milk 24 hours or more old before I drink it. In fact, I like it thick like kefir and sometimes that takes up to two days. So, that's the way I will have it.





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