Old Athletes Don't Look Well From Poor Diet

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Uh, yeah, I kind of made an observation recently. I don't know, but just sort of like a partial observation. I don't know if you've observed the same thing, particularly like among older athletes, not younger athletes. I've noticed that guys that like run a lot or bicycle. They don't look so good. Like they look like they look kind of gaunt and lean. 

Whereas, you know, like I saw a picture of Sylvester Stallone. He's like 56 and he works out with weight. He actually looked good, but I don't, I don't know if he was actually healthier, but I just- 


He is healthier. He eats raw eggs and raw chicken. He won't advertise it. 

Right before Rocky came out. He and his wife used to shop in the health food store I worked at and I substituted for a friend of mine who had to go on vacation for a heart surgery, so he was out for a couple of months. So, I worked there and Sash his wife came in, and we talked about what he ate and he was eating lots of raw eggs and chicken, lots of raw chicken. 


But I just noticed guys who are like muscle builders or weightlifters, to see pictures and they do look better than runners. Is that because of the- 


Your runners and your bicyclers believe they have to be really lean. So, they have no fat and got no lubrication, and their bodies are drying out inside, sort of becoming cirrhotic, multiple sclerosis. 


Whereas your weightlifters. They actually trying to put on weight.  


Weightlifters have to be fat. Bodybuilders aren't fat, they're lean and cut tissue. They still have fat in the tissue, but your weightlifters, you can see they're all fat. You don't see one lean weightlifter; you've got to have fat to do it.  


So, basically the difference is not the type of exercise. It's just the diet. 


It's the diet, you know, those bicyclers. I've had a few of them and runners, "Oh I have to eat high carbs." 





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