Oils, Viruses, and Bacteria - Breaking Down Toxicity


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Anytime you have a concentrated oil, a product of something where the concentrated fats are in a liquid form.  

Coconut will get a hard at a very high temperature of 70°. Coconut oil will still solidify like Crisco oil, but most of your oils stay pretty liquid. As long as they're not refrigerated, drop below 60 degrees, 55 degrees. 

Those oils are mainly solvent active in the body. The body will make soaps with them. They don't stabilize the body. They don't increase mobility. They don't help lubricate. They don't calm the system. They're there to help dissolve poisons in the system like we use the degreasers.  

The body can make a lot of degreasers, and a lot of compounds to dissolve the toxicity that we can't use the bacteria parasites to do it. 

We have to use virus because the tissue is too contaminated. The poisons in the cells are so poisonous if the bacteria, parasites eat those cells, it kills them. So, the only thing left is virus. solvents; soaps to cleanse and break down those by solvent process.  

And if you want to get an idea of the difference in the viability of using the different substances, let's say you had a dog, and you had all restaurant, and you had all of this waste that you weren't allowed to throw in the garbage can, you need an animal to eat it. 

So, you've got a big dog that eats a hundred times in a day, and it ends up having a turd 1.5 pounds the next day. That's what parasites, and bacteria do. They consume massive amounts of their weight in a 24-hour period and leave very little waste product. When your body uses a virus or any other kind of a solvent, what happens when you take a solvent, you dilute it, you clean the area, you have a whole bucket of waste that will spread throughout the entire body environment. 

That's why cerebral meningitis is bad and, and spinal meningitis is bad because it's viral.  

The medical profession doesn't freak out as much if it's bacterial because you don't have all that swelling in the brain and nervous system with bacterial infection, a detoxification of the nervous system, and brain as you do with a virus, it spreads all this fluid, contaminated fluid. 

Causes more pain, more likelihood of paralysis.  

So, eating oils helps the body cleans poisons that cannot be degenerated by bacteria, and parasites. When I had the chemotherapy and radiation. I never got a bacteria. I never got bacterial infection or a parasitical infection since those days up until this last year. 

Got a parasite for the first time, I celebrated. All of a sudden, all of that pyloroplasty that they did on me when I was 20 years old, they took the duodenum, stretched it to 3x its size. What happens when you take tissue, and you stretch it and rip it like that 40% scar tissue within the first year, 80% scar tissue within five years from that. 

So, 80% of my duodenum was scar tissue. What the hell was the point of stretching the duodenum? It's pretty absurd, but that's what they did.  

When I got the parasite. All of a sudden, I started detoxing duodenum, it's working, and it hadn't worked since I was 20 years old, and I just started my 59 years today. 

Finally working after all this time because I was able to get a parasite to help me. 


So, you're able to digest your food now better? 


I'm able to digest. 


Do you have hydrochloric acid, it's going now? 


No, I didn't say that. The duodenum. The hydrochloric acids in the stomach. The bile and a lot of other enzymes dump into the stomach, and taking an enzyme is transferring it to the pancreas. 

Pancreas restructures the enzyme for our abilities and natures, then dumps it back into the duodenum, and other parts of the intestine. 

So, that's what came back. 





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