Ocean Bathing Dries Skin

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You kinda answered it, but I don't get involved in the water as far as like washing myself and, and I do a lot of work on in the dirt and stuff like that. The ocean, can I bathe in the ocean? I'm looking at drying out the skin cause I run into that when I'm in like.


Well, you're gonna dry out the skin anytime you get in water.


Any water at all?


Any water, and of course, salt water is gonna be more dry. Because salt dries things out.

Cause that water's pretty sticky, so I'm not sure that you'll get very clean. You won't feel clean, it will clean you. Cause that salt will break down the fat on your tissue, on your skin and help open a layer up, so that more nutrients can flow through the skin. And that's okay. I mean, I've done it when I lived near an ocean and didn't have a lake to go into.

But you know, people on this diet don't need to take baths every day. I take a bath when it's not winter and it's not cold, I take a bath once every days. When it's winter and I'm cold I get into my hot tub everyday. But I never use soaps. I use fermented coconut cream, my old coconut cream is for my bathing.

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Do you have well water out there?


Yeah, I have well water out there, so I don't have to put the milk and all that stuff in there. I still put coconut cream on my body and then go in.

And after a few months of using, cause I go away for some time, when I'm not working. But after I do that and have enough coconut cream in there, all of a sudden it comes out when I backwash it, it'll start spraying out this clay cause I use a sand filter. So, it breaks the coconut cream down into a clay and then feeds my algae.

The sand filter keeps the water crystal clear, but it allows algae to grow, and algae's nice and soft. So, I don't want to destroy the algae, and then when the clay comes out, the clay made from the coconut cream, it helps feed the algae. It was very strong alga.





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