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One time you said you talking about nuts. They have enzyme inhibitors.


Phytic acid, all nuts and seeds.


Okay, that was my question. Seeds have that too?


All nuts, and seeds have phytic acid.


So, if you eat an apple and ate the seed, is it too little to make it a problem?


It's not a really a problem with a few apple seeds, and also the phytic acid becomes more active once the seed is dried.

So, if you're eating a fresh apple seed, that doesn't have as much of a reaction.


If you did want to eat some seeds, if you just combined it with a similar stuff that you use in the nut formula, that will neutralize the phytic acid, but I've done experiments where you eat the foods with the nuts. Doesn't work for a lot of people, you have to blend it in. You have to blend the nuts until they were a powder, and then add the ingredients and blend it all together for most people. So, if you eat the nuts with some eggs, and some honey and some butter and you get gas, you start not digesting very well, and stuff starts slowing down, you got a phytic problem and you have to make the nut formula or seed formula, whatever you're doing. It has to be blended together, and you just eating them together doesn't work for you.


Now, what should I do? I bought the fish the other day from-


Let me finish. Did you get everything answered with that?


Yeah, but if let's say you ate some seeds, and you just ate it separately, but there's no gas.


No problem, then you can handle it that way.

[Attendee #2]

But originally you said it was an enzyme inhibitor?


Enzyme inhibitors.

The phytic acid is an enzyme inhibitor.

[Attendee #3]

That makes the meat not as good?


It prevents you from digesting protein, utilizing protein for 24 to 36 hours.

Not only the protein in the nuts or seeds, but any protein from the eggs or meat that you eat. It interferes with everything.

Not unless you're having the nut formula. I say it's very important to have a once a week to handle the neurological byproduct poisons that you have in your body.

Every time you've gone through a traumatic experience or anxiety, you manufacturer hormones, psychological hormones. They are byproducts of toxins, just like any other hormone in the body, stores just like any other hormone in the body.

When they are released into the blood and neurological system, the same emotional experience that you went through during that trauma or anxiety is relooked, it's remembered

If you want to know the scientific basis for that, get on the internet. Look under L Nora van Winkle's, "The Biology of Emotions". There's a very long, profound technical with all the chemistry. Elnora E L O R N A, Van Winkle, V A N - W I N K L E.

The Biology of Emotions. There's a layman paper, and there's a very technical page. She was a woman who spent 47 years cataloging every chemical in the brain, and nervous system at Columbia University, New York City. That was her entire life, and when she retired, she had addressed every chemical in the brain and nervous.

She was the one that by some of my research that I found from analyzing vomit, blood, and chemistry secretion, I found neurological hormonal sites that were addressed with psychology, and she addressed it and she went on the diet.





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