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Well, my question is centered around this nut formula, which I think is fantastic, once or twice is really great, and if I make too much of it, is there anything wrong with just putting in a jar with a lid on it and putting in the fridge?


Yes. Don't put it in fridge, leave it out.


For a couple days?


I'd left it out for as much as a week.

Never refrigerate eggs. When you put eggs in the refrigerator, it lowers the bacteria level and the enzyme activity.

Usually, if you eat raw eggs that have been refrigerated, you get undigested proteins into the blood, and that's toxic.

As long as you get them you can leave them out. the bacteria will grow again, and the enzymes will develop.


How long do you have to leave them out?


Usually 24 hours, unless you put it in warm water. If you put it in warm water to warm up, maybe an hour, two hours.


Can I leave them in the cupboard?


No, it's if they're refrigerated and you want to eat them right away. Take this cold refrigerated egg and put in bowl of warm water and you let it sit for a couple of hours.


So, if I have excess, just put it in a jar and set it somewhere out of the sunlight?



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