Nut Formula For Neurological Detox At Night




nut formula




The nut formula. You sound like you're having psychological hormones that are detoxing at night. Remember, like I said, in the second book, when the nervous system detoxifies, it starts at midnight and goes to five o'clock in the morning. If you cannot sleep in that time, you're going through a neurological detoxification and don't expect to sleep. 

If you're having a nut formula every three days during that kind of a thing, you'll arrest a lot of those, but still don't expect to sleep. If you don't, then you better go exercise, but that may just debilitate you more. Find something to do when you can't sleep that's creative or that you enjoy doing and meditating, whatever it is to fill up that time, so you feel it's useful.  

If you don't, you're gonna be beating yourself up because you're not sleeping. Like I say in the book, you sleep between 5 - 5:30AM to 7:00 AM if you have to go to work, you'll have a nap then when you get home, make sure you’re in bed by 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM. 

Then when you wake up at midnight. 1:00AM, 2:00AM, you'll have gotten sufficient rest. If you sleep once all in one block, you need more sleep and you'll feel less restful and you break your sleep pattern up into two blocks, one main and a nap. You need less sleep. You usually cut an hour of sleep out. 

Do something and then take a nap around 5:00 AM. 

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