Nut Formula Brings Energy Down

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And he mentioned the nut formula too right?


Well, the nut formula helps bind with excess hormone.


I see.


So, the nut formulas not for somebody who has a low energy level.

If you've got psychological problems, yeah a little nut formula will help bind with those psychological, chemical by-products.

If you have too much nut formula, that's going to arrest a lot of hormones in the system and bring your adrenaline level, your energy level down. 


It'll bring your energy level down if you eat too much nut butter?

OK, 'cause I've just been like doing tons of nut butter and then I've gone without my period now for about 3 months.


Yeah, you just keep arresting your own hormones.


Oh, that's what's going on? That's what I was trying to figure out. I had this idea that the nut butter formula was helping my hormones.

So, what kind of foods do I need to eat to help my hormones?


Like I said, glands, any glands.


Any glands? 

And then just red meat and eggs won't do it. 


Oh, it will help, but if you want concentrated- glands produce hormones, that's why they're called glands.

So, if you get it gland, you're going to get a hormone, lot's of hormones within that gland.

The body can take any hormone as long as it's raw and convert it to another hormone.

We can take adrenaline and make it a pituitary. 

We can take a pituitary and make it into adrenaline.

Your body can convert any of them.


I was talking about two specialized glands, and that's the placenta and the ovary. When you age those glands, doesn't it reproduce the body to repair those tissues.




When you take high ovaries or high placenta?


You mean for menstruation?'


Or whatever you're doing.


No, If you're talking about the reproductive glands, then you can look to the reproductive glands to help.

But if you're looking for pituitary or adrenal, if you want the body to focus on that, then you need the adrenal gland. If it's the adrenal gland you want, then eat the adrenal. If it's the pituitary, then eat the pituitary.

American-Indians do that.

That's why anybody who had a disease of a particular gland, got the land of that animal. 

Any gland would help, but they knew that it would help that gland specifically to be eaten.

That's the gland you're having a problem.





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