Novocain Detox









The dental surgeon said" You've got a hose of nerves that go all the way along and the teeth attached to them. The nerve of the tooth attaches to that hose. Once you split that hose, it can never mend. And those teeth will rot outta your mouth. You'll never have feeling again, then the bone will deteriorate and damage", because I had split the bone here, here, and here with these three teeth, all the way under. And I said, "Well, you don't know what kind of a diet I'm on". They think I'm a loony tune. And I said, "Whatever it takes, I want you to pry that bone and work it back in", excruciating pain.

So, I accepted some Novocain, so I'm dealing with it again. It's detoxing every 18 months, I've got it coming out here since those injections. First, the teeth will hurt here and here, and then it'll swell, then it hardens here. I take a little jar 12 ounce smooth jar or 16 ounce jar with hot water in it, and I put it up there. A hot water bottle's too big to go on my face. So, I take a little glass jar with a hot water and I put it there and will just sleep with it next to that area, and it softens that hardened stuff.

So, I know it's not going to come out as a boil, it's gonna be leaking down my gum.

So, I eat enough cheese and clay to absorb it a little bit throughout the day to absorb those toxins.

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