oil pulling



And what about the Novocain stuff for dental? What kind of mixtures can you assist to get rid of that toxic?


Well, that's injected deep into the bone structure here, so the body will not circulate when that stuff's injected that's why it causes so much cancer.


What do you mean by it won't circulate?


It doesn't, they stab it right in near the bone.


Then how do you get rid of it?


A lot of eggs, a lot of heat around the face.

[Attendee #2]

Would the pulling help in them? Coconut cream and coconut oil pulling.


It will definitely help, that will definitely help.

You can pull with anything.

[Attendee #2]

You need to do that on an empty stomach, you said, right?

You do that the first thing in the morning?

Have some cheese beforehand?


I pull with cheese.

I get the cheese and just keep it so I know it's locked in there and I'll spit it out after about five minutes, then I'll down an egg or down just a little cheese, and then I down an egg or two after that and then go back to the cheese pulling.

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