Northstar Bison Not Organic - Dewormers, Females Vaccinated


northstar bison





Northstar bison is not organic. 


It's not? 




But you recommend it? 


Not for bone marrow and glands because they use de-wormers monthly and they give the females vaccines. 


Cause James is selling it down there? 


I know, I told James. James knows, he's selling it because he wants to offer it. He said if I can get some other sources, he'll carry the other sources, but the only sources I have are Cathy's, they're Cathy's sources, so I go to her. If somebody wants to find other sources, they have to do what Cathy does, search them out. Cathy's been very diligent in helping us do that, finding the best. 


Well, I always go for the highest quality. 


This is a woman who five years ago was catatonic and couldn't talk. Now you can't shut her up. 


*Laughs profusely* 

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