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By themselves Rocky style. Never refrigerate eggs. If you get your eggs from the store, the only time that that egg is refrigerated is when it's put on the truck for delivery. No egg company has refrigeration. No egg grower has refrigeration except on the truck. 

So, soon it goes out for delivery it has to be delivered to the store at 45°. So, it's hit 45°. When you go into the store, the eggs come down to about 36° to 39°, so it's even lower.  

So, if you get your eggs from a regular market, find out when the delivery is, and go that afternoon or evening and get those eggs, so they haven't been in. Because when they unload it at the dock, they're not gonna go into refrigeration for several hours. People are delivering to these health food stores all the time, so they get to certain things in certain times, and let me tell you, eggs are one of the last things to hit the refrigerator. 

They're not too worried about them except on the news, and salmonella. So, just know when they come in and that's when you pick them up. So, there's very little refrigeration because what happens is the refrigeration destroys the enzymes, which promote growth and digestion. So, you need to leave them out for 24 hours before they're back up to that bacterial level again, but you can eat them right away. 

Just less digestion, less assimilation, utilization, as long as you're within 24 hours of refrigerating. 

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