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You have so much cancer. The cancer's going to grow from incredibly because people are wearing synthetic clothing. Plastic clothing, and when you wear polyester, any of those that aren't silk or wool or cotton, you're in trouble. Even if you have flax, or hemp. It's a problem because you've got all these resins from the vegetable oils, you're breathing those in and they are going to turn to rock if they embed in your lungs or in your sinuses somewhere. Any of those are plastic and you're going to have to have a pretty severe virus solvent to break it down and what happens with all that toxicity, where does it disperse? Everywhere in your system.  

Bacteria and parasites can't eat it. It's not on their diet, you will kill them instantly. So, the amount of cancer that we're going to have in like 2015, 2017 is going to be astronomical because people have synthetic carpeting and synthetic bedsheets, bed covers and clothing, everything in the household is toxic and they're breathing this lint. 

I mean, let the sunshine through and see how much lent is traveling around if you're taking a walk through your house on time. That lint, if it comes from your carpet or your couch or your clothes, that's how much you breathe in, in a day. Tremendous amount.  


Is there anything to help break it down? 


That's a pretty difficult one. To experiment with that I would have done some pretty severe damage with animals, and I wouldn't do it, but I would suggest is probably using some olive oil to help break it down, but no more than two tablespoons a day with a meat meal, but you've got to have butter and or cream with it. 

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