Non Irradiated Papaya Helps Digestion










That was better than papaya.


Yes. It's almost impossible to get non irradiated papayas these days. These people are working against us being healthy. Papaya, let me tell you what papaya does. My mother got cancer about seven years ago of the breast. She called me and she said, "I'm gonna have a lumpectomy, and I'm gonna have pinpoint radiation". I said, "Mom, why are you gonna have a lumpectomy? The lymph glands they're gonna remove, are they hard as rock"? No, but that's where it came and metastasized. I said, "Mom, you're a nurse. The lymph glands clean the body. Of course you're gonna have cancer cells in any lymph gland, you have them removed and where's the cancer gonna go? If you don't have lymph, cancer's gonna go into the mammary gland. Absolutely without question, plus, you're gonna pinpoint radiation. What's behind your what's behind your breasts, the lungs".

Oh, pinpoint very accurate. Won't harm my lungs at all. I said, "Get a guarantee and get it in writing". She was on oxygen for five years, that's how pinpoint works. Medical profession is so full of bullshit, it just makes me angry.

So, my mother, after the end of that five years later when she started to get off the oxygen, she got a new hearing aid implant that's implanted under the skull in the brain. They gave her tons of antibiotics, so she stopped digesting. I got a call when I was in Asia and I'm on my way back, just happened to be that day, leaving and returning home, they said my mom's going to die any day and to come. And I said, "It's gonna take me about 32 hours to get there because I'm all the way in Bangkok to get there".

So, I was in Singapore, so I had to fly all those 30, some hours to get back to Cincinnati, Ohio. So, got back there and she's skinny as a rail, she just stopped eating because of all the antibiotics, they kept her on the antibiotics, six months on these antibiotics. Of course she's not digesting.

So, I made a custard, I gave her a half a cup of custard. She ate four meals that day, the next day, ate the half a cup of custard, ate four meals that day. And we're not talking raw foods, except for that custard. The next day she wouldn't touch it, I put a lot of butter in it, so, and she was nauseous from the butter. Obviously, liver been damaged from all the antibiotics. So, I just gave her a half a cup of papaya, every day that I gave her she ate four meals a day. I said to my father, "Now I have to go now and you see if she's eating and you've got to give her this papaya every day.

So, I leave and my father gives me a call, "She's not eating anymore". I said, "Are you feeding the papaya?" "No". Hello? Papaya helps digestion so well that they are irradiating all sources of it that they don't want you healthy. Let me tell you, I found some of them were actually irradiated and you can tell they're irradiated because they shrivel up on one part when they're exposed to the radiation.

So, if they sit and the thing shrivels up evenly all over, it wasn't subjected to radioactive material. If I have one, I let it go to start shriveling, it shrivels in one spot I don't eat that papaya, but I have to let it go to shrivel point.

You have to understand they're out to kill us. They wanna make us sick. They believe in over population.

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