No Vegetable Juice For Children

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Uh, because children have a lot of HGA, which is human growth hormone. You know, when we reached 21, 25, we stop producing it. If we don't eat raw meat, we're never going to manufacture it again. We eat raw meat than we will, and we will still continue to have growth hormones. But children, even if they don't eat meat, they have growth hormones, 99% of them.

What that causes is an alkaline condition in there blood. So, if they drink the vegetable juice, they become too over alkaline, then they become repulsed to meat and even to dairy, and then they won't eat those foods and then they get cranky. They start going for sugars and then it's unruly and unmanageable. And then it's when you don't want to have children *laughs*.

So, you don't want them to have vegetable juice, but maybe one day a week. And then you can usually tell they get a little red around the mouth and they're getting a little acidic, a little red around the eyes, red around the ears, they're getting over acid, but it only takes one cup and their back, even a half a cup for a child that size.

So, you need to use much parsley and children's juice should be only maybe 5% parsley and 90% celery, maybe 5% cucumber.

The parsley causes them to get really alkaline, overly alkaline in their intestines and blood. That's the most alkalinizing besides concrete. So, it has to be minimized.


You say they tend to lose their appetite when they become over alkaline?


Yes , when your digestive tract and your blood become over alkaline, you lose appetite for meat. You just start craving sugars, and sugars, and sugars.


If you had the juice and you don't have an appetite after the juice, it could that you are over alkaline?


Too much for you. Then you shouldn't be drinking that much juice, or you should skip that particular juice at that time of day.





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