No Vaccines - Bacteria Won't Make You Sick

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I have a friend whose mother didn't give him and his brother any vaccinations. They were born in the late 40s, early 50s, and there was the worst sewage spill ever in the San Diego River and went out and went all the way down to to Point Loma Coastline and the surf was perfect.

And my friend who had never had a vaccine, so nobody else would go out in the water. He was surfing perfect surf by himself for like two weeks. He knew he was fine. He knew he could. He knew he knew his immune system was good. His mother got put in jail for prescribing carrot juice as a remedy in the 30s. They put her in jail in New York for a day. So Derek for re For For her prescribing. For prescribing, yeah. Prescribing. But yeah. Coli story. Yeah. This guy swimming.


Well, let me give you an example. There was a movie out in 1986 I believe it was called Latino, and it starred Robert Beltron and one of my patients, Tony Plana, he was the third lead, and it was about our interference in Nicaragua under the Reagan and Bush bodies and how we shouldn't have been there and what we were doing to Nicaragua cause it was a very democratic society.

And he was gonna shoot a movie down there. Just before he left they gave him a legal page sheet that said, do not eat anything raw. If you an apple, you steam it. If you have water, you boil it. When you're in the swamp shooting, you don't touch your mouth or your face without washing your hands with a heavy detergent first.

Don't drink any water near a swamp, unless it's recently boiled or distilled. They had this long list of everything not to do and Tony said, what do you think? I said, do absolutely the opposite what it says: you drink the swamp water, you eat your meat raw. You eat everything raw and you'll be okay.

So, they were down there shooting and within the first eight weeks everybody got deathly ill except Tony. Robert Beltran if you see the movie, if you can rent it, you see him lose 50 pounds from one scene to another. He got so ill that he lost 50 pounds. They shut the film down for six weeks he got so Ill. The only person who you didn't get sick was Tony Blunt. The entire set, everybody, the director, the actors, the gaffers, all of the cast and, and technicians, all of them, the entire crew got sick except him and he was drinking the swamp water, he was eating the raw meats, he was doing everything.that a. Hadn't been on on that raw giant.


A normal person who wasn't on a raw diet, they would've got sick anyway?


They might have had a little case of it. But if they're eating only cooked and processed and boiled foods, they have no enzymes and vitamins to help them get well. So, here these people were sick and continuing to eat all this processed, cooked food and eating nothing raw.

So, they weren't getting any enzymes, no vitamins from their food. So, they just got sicker and sicker and sicker.





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