No Milk - Mineral Deficient




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That's not an allergy to the protein. That means you got something in your brain or sinuses that's dumping, and its usually nerves. The nerves detoxify at nighttime. As soon as that sun goes down, nerves start detoxing. They're in full force by midnight, and it goes full on from midnight till five o'clock in the morning. 

So, if you're having a response like that, you're having a nerve detoxification and trying to dump through your sinuses, so you need more mucus. You need to make sure that you're flowing properly to discharge those poison.  


And you never recommend to not have dairy for a while, and to have only have butter or something?  


Yeah. You can do that for a little while, but you know, you're gonna lower your mental intake. You're going to be fasting to some extent for nutrients that are needed in the body. Because our system, our environment is so toxic with heavy metals that we need a phenomenal amount of minerals to chelate, magnetically attract to them. Lock onto them, so they don't do damage in the body, and if you're not eating milk and you're not eating cheese, you're going to be mineral deficient.  

There is no way we can get enough minerals in our bodies that we can digest and assimilate if we don't eat milk and cheese. 

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