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Eating high carbohydrate foods for the first six hours that you're awake. If you're on a good diet and not packing down fruits and carbohydrates, your body will make in the first 6 - 7 hours, all of the glycogen that will be used to run the brain and nervous system in those first 6, 7 hours.

If you eat high carbohydrate foods: fruit, carrot juice, any of those too much. Then your body will make the glycogen from carbohydrates, and you'll have a lot of advanced glycation end product that stores in the body causes mal-clarity of thinking.

So, if you eat proteins and stick with milk and stuff like that where there's not a high sugar value, then you make the glycogen from pyruvate with the help of glucagon. So, you only have 7% to 8% advanced glycation end product with that formation and we can handle 12% in a day, so there's no storage.

When your body makes the glycogen from carbohydrates, you have a 70% - 90% storage of advanced glycation end products, and they collect in the body and that feeds cancer nicely.


But the vegetable juice doesn't count as a high carb food?


Just remember that, like I said in the recipe book, celery doesn't have enough carbohydrate to digest itself, it is a negative. So, even if you have carrot juice in, let's say you have 25% carrot juice and 25% celery, you've brought the sugar level way down t less than half, so it's not a high carbohydrate cuz you're not having that much.

If it's 25% of your juice. Let's say that's 3 tablespoons of carrot juice or 5 tablespoons of carrot juice, and then you've got the same amount of celery it's gonna offset it, and you're not gonna have much carbohydrate there to generate it.

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