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Night terrors and she takes capsule for them, and I wanna know what you know about night terrors?


Nightmares occur to burn off hormones that are not burned off during daytime. Usually somebody who produces a lot of hormones for physical activity. So, if they're not exercising, you're gonna have nightmares or they're going be emotionally distraught and angry and bitter.


They're not nightmares, they're night terrors.


You wake up terrified, you know? What are night terrors.


They're totally different. You wake up, there's no recollection of what happened and you wake up, you're awake, like some part of you is awake while you're asleep and you could do things, draw things and say things and you can't get out of it until you go back to sleep and then wake up again.


Sleep walking, like that?


Yeah, pretty much. Although, you don't really move around that much.

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I know a little bit about them. They usually are to do with trauma that's been unresolved in some way.


But if you have any kind of neurological problem, brain malfunction, it's a lack of protein, and you should be combining all three kinds of meats to help the brain.





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