Night Sweats, Fever





night sweats



Yeah, night sweats are great. Night sweats release a lot of poisons out through the skin. They're wonderful. It's also a sign that you're ending the process of a long-term of detoxification. Cause when the body gets that high in fever, bacteria cannot proliferate, propagate beyond 100° in the human body. 

Plus, your cells stop manufacturing virus. Remember virus are not alive. They are protein bodies that destructure tissue, whether it's bacterial or animal cells. They are just solvents that the cells make they are not alive. So, the body stops manufacturing solvents as soon as it hits 100°. So, that's the end of a heavy detoxification and a promotion of healing because once the body hits a 100°, healing is flushed.  

So, never wanna stop a fever, unless you wanna get old and dry and wrinkled. 

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