Never Go To The Dentist





coconut cream

teeth cleaning





Some people build a lot of plaque. If you don't build a lot of plaque, you don't need vinegar very often.


So, when should people go to the dentist for a cleaning then?


Never go to a dentist for a cleaning. Not necessary if you use that formula.


Can you do it with a water pick, you said a tooth brush before?

What about a water pick with that stuff?


Well, if you got the the clay up in there and you want to wash it out and you're afraid it's not coming out on its own, use a water pick to flush it out, but let it do its work for at least 12 hours. Good clay.

You've got clay, the vinegar and the coconut cream together mixture. Dip your toothbrush in there and just go to town. As you're brushing, the clay will move up into the gum and then it carries with it the coconut cream and vinegar, which dissolves the plaque.

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