Never Freeze Something That Could Be Toxic

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You never freeze meats or anything that could be toxic because it's almost like cooking it, frees it up, it fractionate those bonds.


You wouldn't find mercury in their feces then?


Probably not as much.

I haven't done the tests on those. What I did with frozen meats, I did a test with animals, just like I did with the swordfish. I gave the same meats from the same animal frozen and raw. The animals that ate it frozen all got a skin disorder, whether it was psoriasis or scabies or the mange, every one of them got a skin disorder.

The other group that got it raw, nothing wrong, and that's all they got, they got a little bit of water and all they got was the meat, either raw or frozen. The group that had it raw, no skin disorders, fine. The ones that within six weeks that were eating the frozen were ripping their skin apart.

So, I knew that butter corrected skin problems quicker than anything else. So, I took frozen butter, and non frozen, raw butter, and gave that to the sick group with the skin disorders. The ones who ate the fresh raw unfrozen butter healed five times faster than the ones who got the frozen butter.

So, when Sally Fallon and anybody else says, eat frozen meat, eat frozen butter, eat all that stuff to destroy bacteria. Don't listen to them because it is not safe and it is not true that it is safe.


The blue butter at Rawsome is no good?

[Attendee #2]

It's not frozen.


That's not frozen, but it's also not organic.


Oh, so don't buy it then?


They use the phrase almost organic


So, what should we do with it? Throw it away if you have it?


It's up to you what you want to do with it. Give it to a dog or a cat or something.


I live in a place where I can't keep fresh butter very long, so if I freeze some of it, is it gonna be worthless?


It's not gonna be worthless, but it's going to reduce by five times the nutrients.


Will it still work though a little bit?


Probably work a little bit, yeah. It did help those dogs that had the skin disorders, but it took five times longer. Five times longer, whereas the group that ate it raw and fresh unfrozen, it took them three weeks to get rid of their disorders, the others took three months.





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