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I need to eat cucumbers and the coconut cream, but how much of the coconut cream per day?


Well, coconut cream is very detoxifying. So, I usually say no more than five ounces a day for somebody your size.


Does that regenerate the nerves?


That doesn't regenerate.

See, anytime you have shingles, it's from penicillin or antibiotics. The molds grow perpetually in some people, in a lot of people. It stores in the joints a lot. Penicillin will usually come out as a black mold. Can cause a black mold on the hands, you see it in people's nails or on their feet.

You see black areas in their feet. It's all penicillin discharge and mold. That's the excrement from the penicillin. Tetracycline is a little different. It sounds like you have Tetracycline or Cipro or something like that because your nerve damaged.

See in some people you can't stop it. It grows and grows and multiplies like crazy.


Coconut cream and cucumbers?


That doesn't regenerate the tissue, that helps clean that tissue out of there, but to destroy the molds.


So, what about the pain?


The pain, you have to use the pain formula in the recipe book, honey and butter, eating a little bit of that all day long.

Soak it in hot water with coconut cream and milk in it. Hot water bottles. Put your hand on a hot water bottle at night. All of that heat is to make sure that you increase circulation into that area.

Anytime you have a bruise or a sprain or a break, never put cold ice on it. When you do that, you constrict the circulation into that area. You're restricting the nutrient flow. So what's gonna happen? You're gonna keep the bruised tissue in the area and you're gonna scar. What happens to those athletes that keep putting ice on it? What happens? They have surgeries, multiple surgeries because they never heal properly. They keep re-injuring and re-injuring.

Remember Oscar that I talked about at We Want To Live? The skier, put him on a good diet. He won two medals a year and a half after his injury where they say he'd never even be able to dance again. And you know, in Switzerland he won metals, so the body can heal itself if you don't freeze it up, if you don't constrict and you allow the proper nutrients.

Putting ice on an area any more than two minutes is a bad thing. Put lots of heat on it, and then if you just want to numb the pain a little, put some ice on it for a little while. Like I say, when I had my problem and the pain, my leg would just get burning hot and painful, so the Thai ladies would take the refrigerated coconut oil and coconut cream, which is hard as butter when it's cold. So, they take a big glob of it, just rub it over my knee and down the shin and up and down for about five minutes, but not one place did it stay on, did the ice sit there. And it was never that cold as ice. It was down to about 50°, maybe 48° degrees, 45° degrees is all it was. And that was enough to numb the pain, but not enough to cause a restriction of circulation of nutrients into the area, that you do not want to do. Because you will scar and you will not heal properly.

So, lots of heat in hot water will help you perspire the toxins that remain that cause the nerve damage from the fungus waste.


Lot of heat?


Lot of heat.


Butter and honey?



How to get rid of the mold, I wrote an article, it's in the newsletter this week.

So, just pick it up on the newsletter.





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