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Is there a downside to high blood pressure?


There are two things that people who have high blood pressure have to watch. They get low blood sugar very radically, cause it takes a lot of nutrients to run the blood pressure that high cause the heart muscle has to pump that much stronger and harder. It's like weight lifting.

So, you need more nutrients. You need to eat honey more often. You need to eat meat more often to get the pyruvate, the protein sugars to strengthen and build the, the heart muscle. If you get low blood nutrient value, you're going to get dizzy if you stand up quickly, you're going to get dizzy and even fading spells if you do too much and your blood nutrient level gets too low. The medical profession loves to say low blood sugar, forget low blood sugars, low protein, low fat level.


So, what do they have to do?


Eat more frequently. You have to eat every two hours, eat or drink something. If you do my schedule in the books, in the recipe book, you're eating every two to three hours. This is perfect for that. And eat that schedule just as it applies in there. But eat schedule eating plan one, where you eat three meat meals a day.

So, break your meat meals up into three instead of two a day, and then you should be fine. Just eat a lot of honey. You need those enzymes to make sure you digest everything quickly to supply the heart with enough nutrient.


Do you eat honey by itself or with something?


Any way you want it. With or without.

Just make it two tablespoons of honey to one table spoon of butter. Another thing, if you have high blood pressure that means you probably have clogged arteries, you've got plaque on your arterial walls.

Eating coconut cream and honey/butter. So, you could use...

  • two tablespoons of coconut cream
  • two tablespoons of butter
  • two tablespoons or three tablespoons of honey. That mixture will help clean out your art. Coconut cream will help clean out the art.

That mixture will help clean out your arteries. Coconut cream will help clean out the arteries.

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