Need To Gain Weight - Over Acidity



weight gain


acid reflux


I have this acid reflux that causes this cough continually after I eat, when I lay down at night. My teeth, my gums are bleeding continually.


You're way too thin. You don't have any fat to bind with anything. So, all these acids are getting into your blood, into your lymph and to your neurological system. They're burning your system.

You have to get fat in a condition like that.


I'm eating lots, I've been on it 16 months.


Not enough. I mean, you should be 30 pounds heavier with that kind of condition.


I put on 60-70 pounds. I took off 10 of that already. I mean, I didn't try.


I'm telling you what I've seen work, you know, and when you have somebody that has an acid condition, like that, it permeates their system, unless there is that excessive fat in the blood, lymph and neurological system and tissues, you're not going to be saved. You're always going to have symptoms.

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