Need To Be Fat To Be Healthy



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But if you want to get healthy, you have to have tremendous amounts of fat on the body 'cause the fats bind with the poisons.

Otherwise the poisons get into the cells and damage the RNA and DNA and the cell itself and can kill them snd often do.

And the fat if you have them, it will absorb it. Give an example. In September. I was in Asheville, NC and there's a whole group there who have been long time vegetarians in a community called Earth Haven.

99% long time vegetarians all very ill.

One of them got on my diet, made such a radical change everybody started following suit.

So now there are no vegetarians in that community and they've all changed or even raising, you know pigs and everything now.

Search Facebook.

Goats you know and cows for their milk and everything, but when I was there.

And let me tell you, they were the time the vegetarians were more unhealthy than most of my regular, you know, American type sad diet people, standard American diet people.

But one of these fellows came in and I could see never even been into health consciousness at all.

He had very thick skin, looked like he had been a drug addict and an alcoholic for 30 years and you know I photographed his irises and blue irises up on the screen and they were clean ike he was a young man in his 20s. He's about 52-53 years old.

And I said he's probably maybe 20lbs overweight, so there was something very wrong with that picture.

So I said it doesn't make sense. I can tell that you've been, you know, been a drug user for at least 25-30 years. Alcoholic for at least 30 years. He said yes.

I said, but it doesn't make sense because you don't have all this internal damage that most people have, t's your weight. He said well when I went on your diet five months ago I was 300lbs.

He had been that fat most of his life and all that fat protected his glands and his organs and everything from severe damage.

So fat is a wonderful thing, extreme fat is even a wonder.

Well, that gets a little much there, you know you have to have a crane taking places, little difficult.


So I just wanted to understand, I think in the past I thought you had said if you mix your green juice with the meat it creates a pyruvate


No, you won't digest either.


Oh, OK.


Th vegetable juice is alkaline.

Your fruit is acid.

You need an acid environment to digest the meat, you need an alkaline environment to digest the juice.

You mix them together.

They do not digest.

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