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I had another one of these major stomach pain episodes, like three hours, four hours...


And what, what are your symptoms?


Just nausea, vomiting.




No, not at all.


Okay. What what happens when you get nauseous have vomit; poisons dump into the stomach. Fr example, she'll put bacteria on you. Whenever a dog or cat licks you, they're putting bacteria, janitorial bacteria on to eat the dead cells and the bad tissue. We used to have a lot of salmonella now that we take showers and baths and we're so toxic in our environment the 6,000 varieties of salmonella that used to live on the skin and eat the skin are no longer present. So, dogs and cats will come up and lick and give you a dose of their bacteria from their mouths. We have more bacteria than they do, so you can lick youw own.

I do that. I'll put saliva in here, go over it after I put the urine on it, cuz the ammonia in the urine is antiseptic and I need to re-infiltrate the bacteria.

Because the old urine doesn't absorb the same for some reason, don't know why.

Probably as you let it sit, the ammonia breaks down and the antiseptic effect leaves.

[Attendee #2]

So, it's better fresh?


No, it's better non fresh. See, the kidneys manufacture ammonia to be able to separate the red and white blood cells from the blood serum.

If you pissed at all of your red and white blood cells from your blood and not just the fluid out of it, you'd be anemic all the time. You couldn't function, and you can only replace about 4 - 5 tablespoons of red blood cells in a day. So, if you urinate, let's say a quart a day, that would be a huge amount of red and white blood cell loss.

The ammonia is very active when your kidney first makes it to separate the red and white blood cells from it, so you can lose fluids. You lose fluids to get rid of some toxins sometimes, but that's not the major reason.

It's usually to keep the body warmer and you notice when you get cold, you urinate a lot? Thicken the blood, and then when you get very warm, then you stop urinating so much and your blood thins itself. You have more fluid in the bloodstream, less red and white blood cells. So, the kidneys are mainly for that, regulating body temperature.

The spleen can help there cuz it holds extra red blood cells, spleen doesn't manufacture anything like the kidney does, but the spleen holds excess red blood cells.

Like say, when you were a cave person, you're swinging around in a tree, branch broke and as you were falling down the tree cut your juggler and you lost a cup of blood.

Now you'd be at very anemic with a cup of blood loss and you'd probably be good dinner, cuz you wouldn't be able to run fast enough from a tiger or lion. So, the body has this reserve of red blood cells in the spleen. So, you can dump up to almost two pints of red blood cells right back into the bloodstream, so you're not anemic.

You know, that was a long answer. Anyway.

The poisons dump into the stomach that causes nausea, Any time you have nausea, poisons are dumping into the dumping into the stomach, and it's a good passage for that because we have hydrochloric acid there. The highest concentration in our bodies is in the stomach.

So, it's like the Indians when they used to get a snake bite, a poisonous snake bite, they knew it went to the stomach, so they'd try to get some milk or some corn, which has a lot of hydrochloric acid precursors or root beets and eat those, shave those. And they usually kept some around buried in case of poisonous bites from the snakes, scorpion or spider, whatever, and they would drink the milk or eat the corn or the beets and that would create more hydrochloric acid and help neutralize the poison.

You can take any kind of rattle poison, the worst in the world, copper head and you mix a little hydrochloric acid and neutralizes it like that.

So, that's what happens with our stomachs, used that way. So, when you get nauseous, your body's dumping the poisons there, wants to vomit it, or enough hydrochloric acid. And when you get nauseous, more hydrochloric acid, the more nauseous you get, the more hydrochloric acid dumps in, more the stomach manufacturers, dumps it into the stomach interior, so it neutralizes the poison.

However, you can eat cheese, raw unsalted cheese and it will absorb those poisons so you don't have to use so much hydrochloric acid and you're not to experience all that nausea.


Why unsalted?


Because when you have salted it fractionates the molecules, acts like cooked, and you will reabsorb and digest the cheese and you don't want to digest the cheese.

You want the poisons to send through the body and pass out with your feces.


You're talking about a snake bike?


Any kind of a poisonous bite.

[Attendee #2]

So, with the salt, would sea minerals do the same thing? That's bad too or?


Sea minerals won't do it as well. However, clay can.

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