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People who usually get nausea after eating a cream shake or a milkshake. Their liver, spleen, gallbladder, or pancreas, usually pancreas and liver are dumping into the stomach, poison. So, it's a good detoxification. Eat a little cheese before you start, a little after and in between to absorb those poisons that make you nauseous.  

Remember nausea is always an indication that poisons are dumping into the stomach. Period. That's always what it is. You want them to dump their, it's the best place for them to go because the hydrochloric acid can neutralize them. The American Indians, if they ever got, let's say a scorpion bite from a black scorpion or they got a rattle snakebite. If there were a lactating animal around, they would drink the milk cause it would pull that poison to the stomach and it would neutralize it. The milk would absorb it and then the hydrochloric acid neutralizes any kind of insect poison. One time I got bitten pretty badly and there wasn't any raw milk around, so I got hydrochloric acid, put it in a solution of grape juice and injected it in my hip. 


Hydrochloric acid from where? 


From a health food store, bottle of hydrochloric acid pills. 

uh, can jump off. You gotta get out one day we get into nausea. We can be 


Your own hydrochloric acid could come up? 


That would be great. I was a vegetarian/fruitarian at the time. Shortly after the surgery, so I had none. There's none in my stomach, I have to go in my small intestines. 

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