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Well, I mentioned some in the books, you can take berries and make your lips dark, dark berries, blueberries.

I suggest people get tattoos, that's what I say. You tattoo it on, it's there for your life.

Use egg white


For what?


I was thinking of eyeliner.

Mascara, just used egg white. Brush it on, it thickens and hardens and darkens.


You know what I use is royal jelly mixed with raw carob powder. It's a perfect mascara and it never runs. And I've been using that for about three years. Royal Jelly with a little carob

I just discovered that and it's also a great hair gel cause all you need is a tiny touch of it. It's cheaper than regular hair gel.


But you're thinner and you may not perspire. A lot of people perspire around the eyes and that'll leak into the eyem that'll cause some burning in probably 50% of the people.

If you start eating more fat, you might start having the same problem, but egg white brushed on is excellent for that. It thickens the eyelashes and as long as you don't sit there and go like this with it they're not going to crumble into that white powdery stuff.

So, you don't sit there like some men do it, twirl your mustache, your eyelashes, then you don't have to worry about that. Thickens them and darkens them.

And if you want to make it even darker, you can put some blackberry juice with an egg white and put it on there. And that'll darken.

No, just straight. It will actually stain the lips for the day. If you sit there and lick your lips all day, it's gonna come off quicker.


Coconut oil?


No, cuz then it will never stick. It'll just come right off, I've tried everything.


*Laughs* I've tried everything.


In my experiments, yes.

[Attendee #2]

He's a crossdresser


*Laughs* and also you can take the raspberry juice and just put it on your cheeks for rouge, your chin, wherever else.

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