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Natural forms of birth control? 


Um, what do you wanna know it?  


What do I want to know? Yeah. Uh, how to keep... 


Oh *Laughs* 

As I said in my first book, it was a doctor, forgot his name. He followed- it was 237 couples over a five-year period, and these were all couples that wanted to get pregnant and have a child. 

He did blood tests. He did urine tests. He did everything, he followed them frequently. He found that the stand open window for pregnancy occurs five days before ovulation. On the day of ovulation, it's too late. And most people use that last day of ovulation as their pinpoint, too late. And he says, if you want to avoid getting pregnant, then if the sperm can live three days on the average person on the average diet. 

On the sad diet, standard American diet. It's a sad diet. Your sperm will live three *days*. However, on this diet, the sperm can live five days, a little healthier. So, what you do is you count back, you've got five days before ovulation, then another five days that they can live. So in the book, I said 10 days before ovulation do not ejaculate inside your partner. 

And it's always the men's responsibility because it's their sperm. It's not the women's responsibility. You're shooting it in her. She would not get pregnant without your sperm. And let me tell you, you've been around your woman. She gets emotional. She forgets time, space. Forget it. You've got to keep it. I mean, when I'm with a lady. 

I mark down the days that she ovulates the day that she has her period, I mark it all and I keep track of it, and I'm on her ass like a hip pocket. So, I don't impregnate her, and it's that simple. 10 days before ovulation, you do not ejaculate inside. You pull on her stomach wherever she wants it, or the towel if she doesn't want it on her. 

But you've got to learn to be in control and pull, and it can't be that, "Oh, I can just make that first squirt". You pull out, don't take that chance. Those things shoot that first squirt is the, is the one that really propels, and if it gets right up there around that cervix man, they'll swim in quickly, especially on this diet. 

So, you have got to be careful. Men, it is your responsibility. You count, and you keep track of it and you be responsible. 

[Attendee #2] 

Isn't there something like pre cum? 


I've had pre cum analyzed 62 times, and never is there a live sperm in it. That is like a soap. It's a solvent. It has urine in it. It has a lot of other properties in it, but no live swimmable sperm.  

Not one of those sperm in the right environment could swim a quarter of an inch. 

So, you don't have to worry about that. 





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