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Yeah, and there's an organization called National Vaccine Information Center NVIC, and they do intensive documentation and research of the harmful effects of things like thimerosal.

Uh, hoaxes on these vaccinations.

They they teach statistical records of the number of, uh, military personnel that get sick or dying on these vaccinations.

They're involved in monetary cases were military personnel are court martialed are kicked out of the military for refusing vaccinations.

They they give you the whole story on autism and that, and it's a it's a real shocker.

And then they tell you about the connections with the drug industries, if you realize the billions of dollars that drug industries are making?




Yeah, off these vaccinations, scares and the government. Our money is funding these huge stockpiles of these vaccinations. Yeah, NVC

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What's the website?


Yeah, NVC You can contact me if you need to get that.

And NV National Vaccine Information Center.

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So every disease that we hear about them.

Isn't it?

Is it really disease rings toxicity?

Is that right?


That's it.

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