Nails and Hair Stopped Growing - Mineral Deficiency and Soy









I was on a vegetarian diet for many years, which I drank soy milk. I've been on your diet for two months, and I noticed my hair and nails stopped growing.


She'd been on my diet for two months, she was a vegetarian prior to that with lots of soy products, and she notcied that since she's been on my diet for two months, her nails and hair stopped growing.

It's a sign of severe mineral deficiency. Are you eating the raw meat? Okay. Then you're lacking minerals, so you need to eat cheese, a little bit like two sugar cubed size amounts of cheese before everything, except juice.


Does it matter what raw meats are eaten?


Fish will usually will help a little bit better. If you're having some fish regularly, like, especially shellfish, scallops best for that. Cheese is very important, cheese with honeys like once a day.

Most of the time, the toxicity from soy is so bad because humans and poultry cannot eat soy, unless it's cooked and processed because there are enzymes, which will kill us. So, they treat it heavily in chemicals, still call it organic, but it's no longer organic once it's treated. So, a lot of heavy metals in it.

So, a lot of people who were vegetarians, who ate lot of soy have a lot of metal toxicity that uses up their minerals from their food.

There's enough minerals in this diet, unless you're heavily contaminated. Then you need the cheese to grab the poisonous minerals, so that you can utilize the minerals in your juice and foods intercellularly and they're not wasted on the toxins.

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