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Muscle tone, how does one prevent from losing muscle tone without having to workout all that much and maintain skin elasticity.


Well, that's a matter of eating enough for all meat long enough.

It usually takes somebody six years on the diet to get rid of all the toxic connective tissue that's involved in supplying-

The lymph system feeds every cell in the body, certain blood cells red and white.

So if the lymph system is circulating properly, it can get the nutrients into the connective tissue and into the muscles.

So as the lymph system feeds everything and it also pulls out all the byproducts and waste products, so if the lymph system isn't functioning properly you'll store a lot of garbage in the connective tissue and in the lymph.

And then everything cannot be fed properly and it usually takes about six years, 6 1/2 years on the diet depending on your age to get to that point.

I haven't worked out now in 25-26 years and it's solid everywhere.

I walk maybe once a month, couple miles.


But isn't it recommended that one exercise?


It depends on the individual.

If you have overactive hormones and you have a high hormone level, you have to exercise or else you'll not be a nice person.

I have no overactive hormone.

I used to have very overactive sex glands, those are the only ones that were overactive so.

I use to masturbate a lot, so my wrist action was good. *laughs*.

So that's all the exercise I had to do, but that's mellowed out, thank God *laughs*.





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