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Our main milk producer in the state, he has almonds and he refuses to pasteurize his.


So, does locally a cream of the crop, those almonds.

[Attendee #2]

Not the ones that are organic, raw. They told me it, it says on there something, but then he told me the law is in California they have to be pasteurized.


Yeah, but he doesn't do it to his, maybe the ones he sells to a regular market he'll go through the processprocess. But give hima call and see.

[Attendee #2]

And then there's the ones from Italy, but they're probably not pasteurized.


Iif they're allowed in the California, they have to be pasteurized.

California doesn't want you healthy.

[Attendee #3]

What if one wants to body build? Just produce more muscle and stuff?


Cheese, butter and honey helps put on weight fast, muscle weight. I started eating a lot more, um, cheese, honey and butter cuz I don't wanna work out. So, then I started putting on a lot more muscle cuz I got really skinny last year.


So, basically cheesecake?


Yeah, but I get tired of cheesecake cuz it's exactly the same taste every mouthful. But sometimes the honey goes in first and then you get to mix them in your mouth.

So, it's a whole different, it's a smorgasborg of flavors, , but if you don't have time, then it's better to have the cheesecake and you grab it and eat it.

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