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Well, you're not gonna heal well, you can regenerate cells that are already alive with eggs and milk, but you cannot cause rapid cellular division like a child does, unless you're eating raw meats. That's the only way I found in my tests with 2300 people, the only way I got growth hormones to reappear in adults was with raw meat.

Even if the raw milk is fresh and warm, it only increases at maybe 10%. 10% is good, but then who has a cow who sucking the milk out of a cow right away? As soon as you refrigerate it, it's lost.


You want the fat?


No, the growth hormone potential.


What if you take it out?


A cow's body temperature is 101° - 105°. So, when it cools down to room temperatures, 78° is still a lower portion, but still higher than if you refrigerate it. So, when I get milk fresh from a cow, I never refrigerate it.


So, once you're refrigerate it, you pretty much have killed its potential for growth hormones?


To increase growth hormones to rapid.

It still will encourages a normal healing growth rate, but that's still slow compared to a child where it's very rapid.


Would there be a maximum amount on the bone marrow?


No, you can eat as much asr you like, until you can't eat anymore. Cause usually if I eat 3 bone marrows a day, let's say they're an inch and a half thick. I can't even eat 2 a day. If I go a long period, like I'm an Asia, and I don't get a lot of milk, I can eat 6 a day for 2 days and then I can only eat 2 - 3 a day again.





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