Monsanto Wants All Natural Animals Dead




And also, there's another factor involved. 

Dow, Monsanto, with some of the other genetic engineers, want all these natural animals dead. 

Because they're allowed to develop genetically altered, even if it's just one gene they alter, they can patent that animal.

Patient that animal!

What happens with the patented crops? 

There was a case two years ago in Canada. This guys got an organic farm. 

The next door neighbor's got genetically grown crops. 

The seed flies over to his, just along the border, Monsanto goes and sues the farmer for growing his crops, he wins!

Monsanto wins, so this farmer has now lost his farm to DOW because he was growing- not purposely. 

Look at those crops around his borders


And the reason they know that is because Monsanto whenever they do the growing, they send out guys that examine and take samples. It's just so evil I can't even.


And the courts are backing them up, so the same thing is happening with animals. 

If you want an animal or a cow to grow it, and it's genetically engineered, guess who get's paid royalties?

You have to pay a percentage of every pound of meat that you sell to DOW or Monsanto.they want to get rid of all these. 

They want to get rid of all the natural cattle.


So they had the death seeds that won't propagate right? 




So, what the next step is we'll patent men in the planet and some won't have any viability. 

So, if you want to become pregnant you have to buy sperm from Monsanto.




That's the way it's going


It's true, it's very true. If you want to breed your animals, they won't breed, so you have to go to Monsanto and they'll have them artificially inseminated. $10,000 implantation, that's if it takes. They're just greedy.

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