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If you're in a hurry can you put the milk in some hot water?


Yeah, warm. What happens is the cold milk goes into the stomach, the stomach contracts. When the stomach contracts it does not produce hydrochloric acid in the duodenum.

So, then the proteins don't get digested and the sugars aren't set free. So, you get undigested sugars and proteins that go right into the blood. When it's warm, it's different.

Just let us sit for two weeks and make sour cream out of it. That's what cottage cheese is made out of. Let that milk sit week 10, 14 days. Normally, cottage cheese will just be lumpy and light. If you let it sit long after it separates, there's a bacteria that forms in it that it makes it just like dough, and you mix cream with butter with it with other spices.

What I do is I will blend it out half an ounce of spices. I put it in the recipe book, the spicy cottage cheese, a blended powder, pour it in the milk. Shake it, I'll put a gallon, shake it a few times and then it moves into the fat and then it'll settle in the fat, most of it.


Do you throw the whey away?


I don't throw it away. I keep it for my plants.

Then you just start forming molds, and that's cheese. All these great molds, you go into a particular cave you'll find in France and Spain, people find caves, and then they'll buy the land and then they'll have cheese making factories in these caves.

And that produces the particular kind of mold, each cave produces a different kind of mold.


So, there's no point where you should throw it away? It's always good?


Whether it's butter, cream or cheese.

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So, if you have cream that's just not tasting good and it's been sitting there for a week or two.


Let it sit for a month or two months or three months in the refrigerator, and you have sour cream. If you wanna make quick sour cream, take it out of the refrigerator and leave a little layer space and in 10, 14 days, you'll have sour cream.


But you can't open anything, it has to be sealed?


No. If it's open and unsealed, then it'll sour quicker. Just don't let light touch it. Keep it in a dark cupboard.

The light will turn it bitter.





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