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Skim off the top. Well, those are the mushrooms. Those are the spores of the mycelium that's breaking down. Just remember that just like in cheese, a good cheese is a cheese that's been predigested with molds. Germans love those stinky old cheeses that had been broken down with the rauchiest molds in the world. But look at the strength when they used to eat so much of it through the 1800s and 1900s when they were at the Plaza, they thought they were the greatest race.

Part of that was because they ate so much steak tartare, even more than France and they ate all of this raw moldy cheese. So, they were an incredibly healthy country of people. I can't call it race because it wasn't really a race. It was a combination of a lot of different cultures and races, but it was because of those quality of foods.

So, molds and fungus's, the mycelium is fine. The spores, which are the mushrooms that will fuzzes on the top, that don't eat. Causes you tremendous detoxification.

No, not from pasteurized. Don't have it from pasteurized cause then you're going to absorb all the toxins.


Mycelium, you mentioned that term, what does it mean exactly please?


Mycelium is a milky substance that goes through, breaks down certain foods. If you go in a forest and you see a clump of wood and you see this white milky stuff on it, that's my mycelium .

Then you see the mushroom growing from it, whether it's a shelf mushroom or whatever, that is the spore of that mycelium . It is the sperm of that mycelium, the sperm and the ovum together.

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