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I give several remedies in the book, like coat your foot with honey and wrap it overnight and that will smother it. Doesn't kill it or stop it. You don't want to kill it and stop it.  

There's no way you can, because it's part- just like you have bacteria, parasite, eggs in every cell. You also have molds, it's part of nature. That's why when you let a fruit sit, you don't have to expose that fruit to a mold. It molds on its own. You can put it in a hermetically sealed environment, and that will mold.  

When I took a lamb and we butchered it in the laboratory, everything was completely sterilized, and we had one area where there it was glass encased, medically sealed, no bacteria can get involved in it. We had a couple of [plants] to produce oxygen to get over into that area with two HEPA filters. So, it had to pass through, and they kept it at the sheep's body temperature, which was about 96 degrees, 96.7 96.8, and within three days, parasites developed. Where did the parasites come from? It's a natural part of every animal cell. 

It's like any fruit molds, it's a natural part of fruit., you know, fruit. One time I let fruit sit in a hermetically sealed environment like that for 20 days, flies appeared. Where the frick were the flies coming from? There were worms in the fruit cells that allowed it to come out and work on it, and those are called fruit flies. 

Well, it's toxicity stored in his moles.  

Detoxification, absolutely, and you can mitigate it by using the primal facial body care cream. You know, when I had it, I had it all the time as I was a child and it wasn't till, I went on a raw diet, started eating raw diet that it went away. 

Well, last year, it came back for the first time and only in the foot where I had a bad bicycle accident in 1981, I broke seven bones in the foot. I was on a bicycle in the desert, and somebody had left there a sprinkler on all night, so it created a Moss, really slippery algae in the gutter, and I was going close to the gutter. Wheels just slid out from under me, and my toes caught on the curb and ripped. This one was ripped out to here, so it was ripped all the way down to here. This one was ripped to here and this was ripped to here and this one was just barely torn, but I'd broken two bones here and in four bones here and then one over here, and it was pretty painful.  

Those were the only areas where the mole. All I did was I packed mud in it, clay. Stopped the bleeding. I had a little 14-year-old girl who'd love to go around and cracking people's knuckles, put my toes back in place. So that's how I had them adjusted. 


What kind of clay did you use? 


I just pulled out what was in the ground. What was it?  


What was the significance of getting... 


A lot of the dead tissue remained in there and sealed over and probably dirt and a lot of other things that- I should have used clay or something, but I was out in the wild. What was I going to do? So, I used what was available, and it was after I'd been out living outdoors for a long time, so I didn't have a clean clay or anything else, and I didn't take time to clean off the torn tissue or maybe move it back into place, I just packed it and put a soft coat. That's new, this toe three years was stuck out here. 

Then when I went through the athlete's foot. This one is still a little bent out. You see that they're ben out slightly, but before I went through that athlete's foot for a year, this toe was out here and all of a sudden that mold, that fungus went in there and cleaned out the tissues, and now it's right. The only place that's still itching is here. 

So, I'm hoping that after another year that will be aligned properly too, and the athletes would be helpful to do that.  


You didn't have a cast on it? 


No, no. Like I went walking, I went to see Caddyshack that I was in so much pain and headache. So, I walked to Caddyshack, which was about five miles the next day, I bicycled as well. 

You have to get over the pain by doing something, but you don't take drugs, you got to distract yourself. 





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