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How important is it to have the chicken, fish and beef every day? Cause all I want is beef. I can't stand fish now, and I can't stand chicken.


Well then just eat beef for about for 4 - 5 days and then go back to doing it. Whenever you get that, there'll be times when you just hate any other food, but let's say just chicken or just beef or just fish, do it for a few days and then try the others again until you get back into it.

Like I said, the book, there was one time when I couldn't touch fish or beef at all six months, I just ate chicken. That was it, chicken. I mean maybe once or twice when I went out to a restaurant had sushi or I went out to a restaurant and there was only beef on it. So I ordered a cold steak on a cold plate, but mostly I ate just the chicken for that whole six months.

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