Mix Clay With Coconut Cream For Teeth




coconut cream



It doesn't matter. It won't ferment no matter what you do with it. It can take a week if you don't put lime juice in it, but you know, it smells kinda ripe. 


Clay, which clay? 


Terramin clay, green clay, coral calcium. 

That's a little too rough. There are stones in there that merge, scratch your enamel.  


You can take the green clay, and you put water in it or what? 


You mix it with coconut cream, or you do it with butter. It's like when the jewelers use a clay, which is a very fine sanding substance. They mix it with an oil. That's what jewelers use, it polishes stones without scratching the surface. If you use just clay alone or an abrasive substance alone, you will file. It will sand down the enamel, which you don't want. So, if you put with some kind of an oil or fat, then it won't do that. 

It will just Polish them. 


Once every six months? 


Do it once a week, if you want.  


What about going to a dentist and having your teeth cleaned? 


When they go in and scrape, that damages the dentine, also damages your gums. It also causes the pockets to deepen. 

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