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This is a stupid question in some ways, and yet it's going to be asked a lot. So, I wanted to ask it. It's coming out on the internet now and it's been used in Africa. There's a product called MMS. Have you heard of it?




Miracle mineral supplement and from reading about it, it is, they saying it's actually di-chloro chlorine oxide. It's got two chlorine molecules for the oxygen and they've been curing hepatitis, aids, malaria and cancers, and many other things with it. And really they've stopped them using it in Africa because the drug companies have said they will not give any more money in aid to Africa if they allow it to come into the country. Now it's been coming into this country and it's coming from Canada and other places. It seems a miracle. But to me, having known what chlorine is like, but they do say that when the chlorine is released with the vinegar or the lemon juice or citrus acid, it actually had the waste product become sodium and chlorine. So, just mixes with it. So. I'm not sure. I'm wondering if you knew about it and whether you could help us because if this is such a miracle in those third world countries, does it mean that it's right for us or is it gonna kill all the organisms in our bodies as well as the bad ones?


Okay. Go back to what I said in the rest of ebook, 72% of all diseases will reverse on their own, all conditions. All these people take claims that their product cause these reversals when it's a natural process of the body healing itself.

Somebody gets a disease, they take that product, their body's in the process of healing itself anyway. That product has nothing to do with them healing.


Even with malaria that takes us two days, which would normally take weeks and weeks and months with hepatitis?


We don't see enough of those. I've read the literature and not enough cases proves that to me. A lot of people will heal in a few days with malaria people who live in the jungle heal very rapidly.

A whitey, one of us, white bred people go down there. Not me. I won't get it. I don't even get malaria even if I drink water that's been hacked into by somebody with malaria cuz I've done it. But the average person who's on the sad, the standard American diet goes down there and gets malaria. Their malaria is going to do a lot of cleansing for a very long time.

So, they may keep malaria a couple of months, but your native isn't going to keep it long at all.


Why have they died of it then?


They don't die of it. They die of the treatment. They die of the penicillin or the amoxicillin, or the Cipro that they're getting to handle it. Whatever they're getting that is poisoning them.





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