Minerals From Vegetable Juice and Cheese




vegetable juice



For any purpose because it's bioactive. Minerals from cheese cannot be utilized that way because once it's dried and cultured, it is a good detoxifier. It absorbs, but it really can't be absorbed into the cells easily because it's no longer a bio-actively electrolyte bound. 

And electrolytes have to be present. Ions have to be present within the nutrients in order for the cell to absorb it, each cell has one or two ions in it and that's its guts. When it needs to eat, it'll attract a mineral as it passes in the blood serum. And so, it opens and the one or two ions inside will attract the ions that are bound with that mineral and the mineral attached to a food nutrient, whether it's protein, H2O like sodium usually carries H2O, potassium may carry glycogen. Whether the glycogen is made from pyruvate or carbohydrate.  

Just different minerals will carry different nutrients with it. So, when the cell wants to eat that it opens up and attracts it. If the ions aren't active, there's no magnetic force. So, it can't be utilized and absorb properly. 

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